Calvin Klein

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Mon-Fri 10:00–22:00
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Sat-Sun 10:00–22:00

Calvin Klein is one of the world’s leading global fashion lifestyle brands, founded in 1968 by the designer Calvin Richard Klein. To provide customers with the best in high-end fashion products, Calvin Klein constantly innovates and is at the cutting edge of materials.

All Calvin Klein products are guided by the credo “Simply as possible, Success as possible.” Whether it’s designs or materials, costumes or accessories, everything is simple, pure, not fussy about details, and not brilliantly colored.

Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear are two mainstream, highly marketable, popular and globally distributed product lines. Calvin Klein Jeans has a strong and trendy style, while Calvin Klein Underwear is iconic Urban Chic and Unisex Classic. In addition, Calvin Klein Sport and Calvin Klein Accessories are also impressive, reflecting a modern, youthful and liberal lifestyle.

In Vietnam, the Calvin Klein brand is imported and distributed exclusively by ACFC.

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